Adobe After Effects

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Adobe After Effects Course london

This Adobe After Effects course is intended to permit those new to movement design take full advantage of this tremendously capable programming. The accentuation all through this basic After Effects course is on down to earth works out. We'll spread numerous key components of After Effects and element coordination with Photoshop and Illustrator design. Some of these incorporate video layering procedures, working with key edges, utilizing channels for embellishments, traveling through 3D spaces, working with cameras and rendering your last venture to telecast and online fare groups. Find the numerous conceivable outcomes that this product can be utilized for as a part of your work process.


Course Syllabus

Take a look at just some of the things that you'll learn how to:

  • Navigate Illustrator and where to find all the tools and features you'll need
  • Draw basic shapes
  • Draw objects
  • Create vector images, then edit those vector images quickly and easily
  • Add color to your work
  • Use blends, gradients, and patterns
  • Create symbols to place into your work to save time
  • Create layers and masks
  • Draw landscapes such as buildings and houses with ease using perspective
  • Add graphs to your documents
  • Add text to your documents – and even to your objects and shapes
  • Create drawings, business cards, brochures, or anything you want using Adobe Illustrator
  • And much, much more!